Donación de Ovocitos


  • Receiving When patients have reached the menopause prematurely or both ovaries have been removed. When they have chromosomal abnormalities that are systematically transmitted to their offspring, or respond poorly to ovarian stimulating medication; or even in other circumstances, there is the real possibility of getting pregnant through egg donation. Receiving women must take a medication that provides the ability to implant the embryos transferred into her uterus, and while there is a donation, they must remain in contact with the clinic to be able to be located at the time in which a donation occurs. Practice of oocyte donor controls to be able to rule out the existence of congenital diseases, malformations and sexually transmitted diseases.

     This method is the most effective in assisted reproduction.


 Egg donation in our Center programme allows women with problems of female infertility as a premature menopause, repeated failure of IVF, older than age 40, etc., to have the possibility of being mothers.

You can help it become a reality.

 To be an egg donor it is required to be between 18 and 30 years of age, to be healthy, and to pass an interview in which it will be discussed what the donation of eggs and ovarian stimulation treatment entails.

 A complete gynaecological check along with a few blood tests are also performed.

 If all this is correct the donor can come into the Centre’s programme to help other couples.

 Any donation is completely anonymous.

Necessary requirements:

or Of age, at least 18 years of age, and not to exceed 30 years.

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