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EGG DONATION:: Receiving When patients have reached the menopause prematurely or both ovaries have been removed. When they have chromosomal abnormalities that are systematically transmitted to their offspring, or respond poorly to ovarian stimulating medication; or even in other circumstances, there is the real possibility of getting pregnant through egg donation. Receiving women must take Continue Reading

O Fec. In Vitro

   IVF, In Vitro Fertilization, is a technique that consists of fertilization outside the body of the mother. It is practiced with the sperm fertilizing oocytes from women in liquid medium. This process, which is morecommonly used once the other processes of assisted reproduction have not worked. The process involves the hormonal control of Continue Reading

O(ICSI) Sperm injection

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) It is a technique that has its origin in difficult cases by sterility of unknown origin, or by another type of sterility, which attempts to introduce male sperm directly into the egg. Only one sperm is needed to fertilize the oocyte. This technique has allowed that men who were previously almost Continue Reading