IRMO provides, since the beginning of this year, technology TimeLapse with Primovision Evo Vitrolife, which allows to monitor embryos while they are being incubated, and to measure morfocynetic parameters in order to select the best embryos to be transfered.

We are proud to announce that it has been born the first baby in our IRMO, whose embryo was selected thanks to PrimoVision technology.

He was born last October, and was a male of about 50 centimeters and 3.2 kilos in weight. It is very healthy and his MOM is in perfect condition and pretty happy.


Our Embryologist monitorizing embryos.

Assisted Reproduction of IRMO Team decided to incubate the embryos in the Primovision because the patient had already undergone several treatments without success. We are pleased to share this happiness with them.

PRIMO VISION is a novel and advanced system that allows to watch the developing embryos through a camera from their fertilization until the moment of their transfer. Thanks to capture steady images at certain intervals of time (time-lapse technology), we obtain the information necessary to select the embryo with more chance of success.

It consists of to obtain more information about the development of embryos, reducing their manipulation. Morfocynetic systems allow us to know more in detail the rhythms of division and embryo evolution during those days developing in the lab. It also allow us to detect morphological division anomalies, which with traditional incubation systems could be watched our, thus, select in a more effective way the best embryos to be transfered.




¡We are in luck! Welcome on behalf of the entire Irmo Team.

¡We are in luck!
Welcome on behalf of the entire Irmo Team.

1.- Increases pregnancy rates: allows rating key division times for the embryo. To know the exact moment of the first embryonic divisions is crucial to select the best available embryo. Embryos that meet certain times of cell division and some appropriate morphological changes, have shown between 10 and 15 more chance of implementation..

2.- Embryo evaluation with less stress. Embryo safety is our most important objective. Using the embryonic Primo Vision monitoring system inside the Incubator we can observe all embryos with no alteration in cultivation conditions. The system records all embryo evolutio, allowing us to evaluate objectively the embryonic development, to transfer the best quality embryo.

3.- Built-in Software provides an objectively, simple and reliable way to compare and analyze embryos growth. It also allows to create videos for the patients.